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Welcome to .Net Heretic

heretic: n. - 3. anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle. See: Heretic

What This Is All About

I created this web site to provide for a place on the Web to write about things I've learned after years of coding, both as an employee and entrepreneur. Topics include Microsoft .Net Platform, especially ASP.Net, SQL Server, modern web technologies like html5, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc., hybrid mobile development, use of tool sets like Telerik, use of open source applications that I work with, and whatever else I go on about.

My path through the development world has been different than most, so my preferred way of doing things is different. I don't feel a huge need to march lock-step with the latest buzzword encrusted thing that comes along, at least until it proves itself to me.

I especially don't feel the need to add layers and layers to an application just because someone thinks it's cool. This has a lot to do with having a very strong database background. Check out some articles, you'll see.

What Makes This Site Different

Many how-to article sites are done with blog applications. And why not? They are easy to set up and use. They give you the basic features you need to be able to write and publish your articles. Although you can customize them to great extent, a blog is still at its heart a blog, with its main orientation being time, that is, articles are in a chronological order.

I chose instead to go with an open source wiki application called RoadKill. It's also easy to set up and use. It has one very important feature, tagging, which lets authors categorize their content in any number of ways. I think this suits this site just fine. What difference does it make what chronological order I wrote the articles? None. So why blog when I can write articles that are purely organized around their content? Think it's a bit heretical to use a wiki instead of a blog? If so, you're starting to get the idea...

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