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Where are the Comments?

I guess this might be a little disconcerting for you if you grew up in the Web 2.0 era, where EVERYTHING, every page has a comment section at the bottom.

So why no comments here?

I've read many, many coding help pages on many web sites. What do I see in the comments section, when I manage to look?

  1. Thank You For the Post - Well I do appreciate knowing that you got something out of the post. If you liked it, please use the social media tags above or to the left to share it.
  2. Flames - Either at the author or each other. Don't need it, don't want it.
  3. Spam - Def. don't want that on my site!
  4. Questions - Sometimes about the article, sometimes about something else completely. And mostly, the author doesn't answer the questions anyways. I wouldn't mind having a question/answer forum, and maybe I'll set up something as a part of this site, or hook into an existing forum.
  5. Ping backs/trackbacks etc. - Messy, messy. I'd rather you just shared it with the social links above if you really want to help me build back links on the Internet.

You get the idea. I really just don't see the value of a comments section at this time. I'd rather you focus on the content of the article anyways. What a heretical idea! I might change in the future, but for now, that's the way it is.